I am a highly motivated 3D character animator looking for work in games or feature animation.


I grew up in Bakersfield, California with a love for animation and film and have been chasing the dream of creating the magic that animation brings into people’s lives. I packed my bags and transferred to California College of the Arts in Oakland, CA where I  finished my Senior Thesis Film and most recently received my BFA with a focus in 3D Animation.

I’m currently taking iAnimate’s Game Workshop course and collaborating on other animation projects to help improve my skills. When I’m not animating I’m either working out, going on awesome adventures such as: Disneyland, Vegas, Comic-Con San Diego, Blizzcon, CTN, Wondercon and kick ass concerts. My down time usually involves being with the people I love and enjoying Netflix, Game of Thrones, playing video games or reading books.

Feel free to communicate with me through email or connect with me on Linkedin , Thank you!