3D Animations


Thirteen is my senior thesis film that I worked on at California College of the Arts. It was a year long process where I conceptualized a story about a young girl, Jenni, who is coming of age who has a last rendezvous with her imaginary friend Oddie. I managed the production pipeline, Directed, built the sets, created the lighting and animated the entire film.


This was an assignment given by instructor, Pixar Animation Director Andrew Gordan. Our class was given a toy character and the task was to animate a shot based off the toy we selected and I was surprised with a pirate. We were to customize our rigs to look like our toy character. I used Malcolm 2.0 rig and I chose to do a dialogue piece from “Seinfeld” to add a bit of humor. I’ve been polishing it ever since and am open to feed back. Thanks for watching.